Kennel Patchwork
I have been breeding Norwich terriers since 1987. The Finnish Kennel Club has awarded me with the Vuolasvirta Prize 1996. it is the highest award a breeder can get in Finland.
Kennel Patchwork is a very small kennel with all the dogs living in the house
My breeding is based on well known English lines and today there are thirteen Finnish and two International champions bearing the Patchwork affix. American lines from Arcadian, Jir-Ros and Castle Bar have also been added.
I have been among the top breeders in this country for many years,with special thanks to Martin Phillips and the late Bill Ford and his wife Gillian, and also Lionel Gribbon of the Tebrun affix
Martin for letting me have two bitches Jaeva The Soda Pop and Jaeva Dry Sac and also the dog Jaeva The Matador. Bill and Gillian for letting me use Thrumpton´s Lord Victor for artificial insemination.
The first Norwich litter by A.I with frozen semen from England was born, As far as known the first one ever. Jack and Jackie Frost and later Dame Frost, known as the ”Frost Babies” have made an impact on the breed in this country.
Jaeva Soda Pop the mother of the Frost Babies died peacefully in autumn 1997, but she lives on in our hearts and in her daughters, sons grandchildren and great great grandchildren, and in the Defrost line for five generations.
In 2001 two new dogs arrived into our household. Wickworth Lord MacIntosh  a birthday gift from Gillian and at the same time Arcadian Royal Parakonan, came from the US to stay with us for his quarantine period. He stayed for seven months before leaving for his home at the Tebrun kennels in England
”Raven´s (as he was called though he was red)owner in England Mr. Lionel Gribbon was kind enough to let me use him at stud during his stay.  He sired some nice pups that will add new blood to our breeding lines.
Mixing these breeding lines has been very fruitful in many aspects, mainly in health but also in the show ring.
Patchwork pups have found their way to  breeders in England,Sweden, Norway, Germany and Switzerland.
I have been in Norwich terriers for more than twenty years as well as teaching patchwork professionally. so the affix was a natural choice